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Goulding’s Wholesale is a wholesaling company located at 353 J.R. Smallwood Blvd. in Gambo, NL.  We wholesale confectionery items (such as bars, candy), Coca Cola, Central Dairies, Old Dutch Foods,  Vachon Snacks and Bakery Products.  West Tower Bakery and Chatman’s Bakery  both owned by Goulding’s Wholesale Limited.  We currently service the Newfoundland east to west and have broadening our horizons with out of province shipments.

The Company

Goulding’s Wholesale Limited is incorporated in the province of Newfoundland; It was owned by a father and his three sons.  Goulding’s Wholesale Limited was started as a bakery in 1953, and changed to a wholesaling business in 1956.  Today, salespeople at Goulding’s Wholesale visit stores and prebook orders to be shipped to stores the following day.  All orders are processed and picked during the night.  The trucks are then loaded for deliveries the following day.

Key Personnel

GordonGordon Goulding – Retired Owner:

At the age of 18 he was employed with Mammy’s Bakery in St. John’s.  There he excelled in becoming a baker, which played  a big factor in starting his own bakery business.  After two and a half years, with Mammy’s he decided to return to Gambo where he started his own bakery in 1953; Goulding’s Bakery.  Three years later in 1956, Gordon decided to suspend baking on his own and started wholesaling, selling confectionery, Scotties chips and Jacks Cheesies and also becoming a distributor for Mammy’s Bakery.  Gordon delivered these products to the Gambo-Dover area.  In the early 1960’s, he became a distributor for Coca Cola.

Through the following years Gordon bought into other product lines and became a distributor for major companies such as Humpty Dumpty (now known as Old Dutch Foods) and Central Dairies.  In 1983, Gordon once again returned to the bakery business and purchased West Tower Bakery, turning out a large variety of home made products cookies, cakes, pies, buns and breads. Today Gordon is retired but still keeps his eye on the day to day operations of West Tower Bakery and with a proud heart for his three boys.


Melvin_siteMelvin Goulding – CEO:

Melvin went to Memorial University to pursue a career in Physical Education and later switched his focus to Business.  He returned to Gambo and started working at Goulding’s.  From salesman in the New-Wes-Valley and Trinity areas;  he also took on some management responsibilities.  Melvin was the driving force behind Goulding’s Wholesale becoming a member of Independent Tobacco Wholesalers Alliance Limited (I.T.W.A.L.).  He started to take Goulding’s Wholesale into a computerized workplace for the future. In 1992, ee began to manage the company full time, and still is today.




gerald_gouldingGerald Goulding – Salesmen:

After completing a course at College of Trades and Technology in St. John’s, He decided to return to Gambo, and help with the family business. His responsibilities was the sales of the Humpty Dumpty chip line. Later, becoming the salesman for Hare Bay, Trinity B.Bay, Gambo and Twillingate areas.

He has continued to drive sales and develop these runs into the profitable routes they are today.





Howard Goulding – Salesmen:

Howard joined the family business directly out of high school. He worked in the warehouse and delivered on the trucks.  After a couple of years, he took over as salesman for the Gander Bay, New-Wes-Valley and Musgrave Harbour and areas.

Today, Howard continues his saleman position, but has also moved into the office; where he has taken on some of the purchasing responsibilities including Agropur (Central Dairies) and Old Dutch Foods.