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West Tower



In 1984, West Tower Bakery was purchased by Goulding’s. The Bakery is broken into a day shift and a night shift.  The day shift is responsible for making buns, cream products, cookies, muffins, and donuts while the night shift is responsible for making pies, breads, and rolls.  The night shift has the added responsibility of filling the orders and preparing them for distribution to the different trucks, who in-turn, deliver them to stores the next day.




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West Tower Bakery offers a wide selection of bakery products.  We offer approximately 150 different products to meet all a bakery’s needs.  Our goal is to provide a wide selection of baked goods so that stores will not find it necessary to have an instore bakery.  We carry breads, rolls, pies, buns, sweet dough, cookies, donuts, muffins, and snack size items for immediate consumption.